Deciding where you’re going to college is exciting. It’s a major step toward a person’s future, and it should feel like an epic occasion.


We’ll be celebrating College Signing Day on May 1, 2020!

However, we welcome your school and community to celebrate College Signing Day on a day and time that works best for your students. Make sure to post on social media using #CollegeSigningDay + #BetterMakeRoom!

Scroll down to the middle of the page for helpful resources to plan your event.

Hosting an event? Find helpful resources here!

This document is a great resource for planning your event. Think of it has a helpful checklist!

Thanks to the College Football Playoff Foundation we have the ability to give hosts up to a $500 grant towards your College Signing Day event! The money can be used to buy supplies from a list of over 20 approved vendors.

To be in the running to receive the money, please follow these steps:

  1. Register your event on
  2. Go to and create a school counselor or teacher account.
  3. Create a project for the materials you need for College Signing Day.
  4. Once your project has been screened by the team, you will be notified. Make sure to email your project link to [email protected] We will provide hosts up to $500 to support College Signing Day projects that have been created on

Print these cards to handout to students at your events!

Print these signs to give your students something to hold and post about on social media during your event! A professional printer can make them different colors for you.

If you aren’t able to have a professional printer handle the signs, these can be printed in your school to use.

Order t-shirts, buttons, stickers and more for your students!

Use this letter to reach out to local companies to find sponsorships for food, shirts or other items.

Use this letter to reach out to elected officials and invite them to the event.

Not sure how to talk about #CollegeSigningDay online? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this social media guide, you will find the resources needed to increase online engagement during your event.

Download these graphics along with these instructions to change your social media profile photos in support of College Signing Day! There are a variety of images: a header, two profile options and two overlays. To use the overlays head to, instructions are in the document.

Download these graphics and use them to post about #CollegeSigningDay on social media.

2019 College Signing Day Sponsors

Thanks to the following sponsors for supporting this year’s College Signing Day with the University of California!

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